Arniston Estate comprises over 6000 acres incorporating a mixture of ancient broadleaf and commercial conifer woodland. We are located in the heart of Midlothian near Gorebridge.  At Arniston we are committed to the development of sustainable woodlands that enhance the landscape and have developed our own 25 year forestry plan to replenish and grow the woodlands on the estate.

At Arniston House we installed a Biomass woodchip fuelled boiler in Jan 2008 to provide heating for the historic house and an infrastructure footprint for the future. This system allows us to be fully self-sustainable in heating as well as making significant savings in our costs and importantly we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 90 tonnes per year all by replacing LPG with Wood fuel.


The estate encompasses a number of farms. Tenanted farms have been a long part of Arniston’s history with generations of farmers working the land.  The range of farming activities includes sheep, cattle, dairy and arable.

Caring for our Environment

The team at Arniston have been working hard for over a decade to reduce our carbon footprint.  To achieve this we are utilising a number approaches including a biomass boiler for the main house that was installed in 2008, biomass boilers for estate properties, a fully comprehensive recycling program for the estate, cottages and events and installation of electric car charging points. We continue to be mindful of our environmental impact and ways in which we can mitigate this.

More Information

Located just 11 miles from Edinburgh, Arniston Estate is a thriving example of a successful blend of rural businesses, visitor attraction, filming projects, weddings, community events and accommodation and always, a warm and welcoming family home.

As times change, the family and staff at Arniston remain constant in our commitment to the mission statement “Prospering with Integrity”. We are proud to be working closely with tenant and neighbouring farms, partnering to support and enhance opportunities, striving towards a carbon negative impact and developing exciting enterprises to generate new avenues of interest. Ever mindful of the responsibilities as caretakers of a great legacy, Arniston is looking to a bright future building on a strong foundation.

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