North Field, Arniston Home Farm, EH23 4RY


The North Field is a new addition as event space. Adjacent to the main drive opposite Arniston House, it offers 32 acres of grass land, with two access points off a gravel drive. The field can be divided into sections for convenience, offering two large, flat areas separated by a slight slope. Access is via the Main Drive and is primarily available for hire from April through October. Hire options vary so please submit an enquiry so we can discuss your potential event in greater detail.


The space is a maximum of 32 acres, with drainage to maintain ground conditions. Best suited for events from April through October.


Recently added to the available event hire space, the North Field is currently grass land and clover well suited for outdoor events.


The space is readily accessible by the vehicle via the main drive onto a gravel drive with two, gravelled, hardstand entry points. The main drive is accessed of the B6372.


The parcel is agricultural, and therefore no water, electrical or welfare facilities. Venue Hire Agreements will require HSE, UK and Scottish Government and Midlothian Council compliance for services, permits and licenses.


Venue hire arrangements are based on a per acre rate for a minimum of 3 days; will require sufficient hire facilities to ensure the safety of organisers, attendees and the security of the property including Arniston House. Overnight accommodation is prohibited unless agreed to as per the venue hire agreement and subject to all legal requirements for health and safety. Some arrangements will be contracted by Arniston Estate Partnership as terms of hire. All outgoings are to be met by the hirer as per the venue hire agreement.

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